We Are Proud

I said at the beginning of this process in December that we would work tirelessly to build real relationships with our neighbors, communities and small businesses. That's just the way the Mohegan Tribe operates. And while the Massachusetts Gaming Commission sided with our competitor, I remain proud that we delivered on that promise.

The facts were clear: we had a superior, shovel-ready location, fully mitigated transportation plans and the largest customer base in New England. We presented definitive plans to bring much-needed revenue to Massachusetts while preserving over 1,000 jobs in the racing industry. Most importantly we had genuine and concrete commitments to our surrounding communities and the very best, most passionate supporters anyone could've asked for. Leading the cause were Mayor Dan Rizzo of Revere and his colleagues on the North Shore; we are all deeply grateful for their friendship.

On behalf of everyone at Mohegan Sun we are truly honored by your support. We enjoyed working with you to build the region's best proposal for a destination casino resort. Along the way, it was people like you who held signs, attended hearings, wrote letters and believed in our vision. I wish we could have done so much more together if the result had been different, but I am grateful for your loyal dedication and hope you visit us again soon.

Kevin Brown

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