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Aquai, Welcome To Mohegan Sun

How would you like part of your job description at Mohegan Sun Massachusetts to be: "Have fun"?

At Mohegan Sun Massachusetts we will offer an exciting experience and career opportunities in a wide variety of fields. And most importantly, at Mohegan Sun our employees quickly become part of a big family and most never want to leave.

In addition, Mohegan Sun also is committed to investing in the communities and towns where we operate. In Connecticut we are one of the five largest employers in the state, employing more than 8,400 people - 90 percent who live locally. And we are bringing that same philosophy to Massachusetts hiring 75 percent of its workforce from communities located within a 15-mile radius of Revere.

At Mohegan Sun it's about establishing a career, not just a job. We are like no other employer, with an unbelievable atmosphere, an excellent management team, competitive pay, limitless room to grow and quite possibly, the best benefits and employee services around - it's no wonder we hold a 94 percent job satisfaction rate.

Mohegan Sun Massachusetts will create more than 4,000 permanent jobs along with approximately 2,500 construction jobs. As an economic boost to the City of Revere and surrounding communities, Mohegan Sun will employ nearly 3,200 permanent employees at the Resort, with more than 1,200 jobs created indirectly by this project.

Mohegan Sun Massachusetts will provide quality careers with competitive pay expected to average $56,000 annually and limitless potential for professional growth and development - 90 percent of management positions are promoted internally.

Knock, Knock. Hear that sound? That's opportunity, and it's at Mohegan Sun.

Take a look at the potential job opportunities associated with Mohegan Sun Massachusetts.

Career Paths

Table Games

Are you quick on your feet, like to have fun and want to work in a fast-paced environment that lets you meet a variety of people? Then deal yourself a winning hand in Mohegan Sun Massachusetts Table Games department. As the front line of the Mohegan Sun experience, our dealers offer a fun, friendly gaming experience to thousands of customers every day. No experience? No problem. Mohegan Sun offers free dealer training for employees without table game experience. You'll learn in-demand, valuable skills at no cost.

Slot Operations

Slots are a huge attraction at our Mohegan Sun facilities, and our Slot Operations employees are a huge reason why. Whether it's making sure our slot machines are working perfectly, testing new machines or even reserving a customer's favorite machine, Slot Operations employees ensure that every Mohegan Sun slots player enjoys a winning combination of fun, enjoyment and unsurpassed service. No experience? Mohegan Sun offers free slot training for employees without experience. You'll learn in-demand, valuable skills at no cost.

Casino Accounting and Finance

Got a head for numbers? Then you just might fit into the equation in our Casino Accounting & Finance departments. You'll find our Casino Accounting employees all over Mohegan Sun facilities - in state-of-the-art count rooms, redeeming chips, taking care of guests' credit transactions and auditing the numbers from all the various Mohegan Sun casino departments. Employees in our Finance department help generate daily, weekly and monthly financial results for Mohegan Sun, forecast revenues and provide in-depth analysis of financial results and budgets.

Security and Surveillance

Keeping a watchful eye over everything that happens at our Mohegan Sun facilities, our Security and Surveillance employees ensure a safe, secure and fair experience for every guest and employee. Security Officers are among the first people our customers see and must be friendly, disciplined and vigilant. Besides protecting our customers, Security Officers also go above and beyond the call of duty and provide services such as escorts to cars, directions and medical attention. Mohegan Sun Surveillance Technicians possess prior experience and have the opportunity to work with the most advanced technology in any industry.

Food and Beverage

What do a cup of coffee and a six-course, four-star, gourmet meal have in common? At Mohegan Sun, they will all be served up wonderfully, thanks to our exceptional Food & Beverage employees. That's why every Mohegan Sun customer wins at our tables, bars, delis, catered events and food courts. The only thing that beats the quality of our food is the quality of the people who prepare and serve it.


Our Marketing staff is dedicated to delivering a premier experience to each and every guest that visits Mohegan Sun. Player's Club representatives meet, greet and assist Mohegan Sun customers at our Player's Club booths. Executive Hosts and Player Development teams serve as liaisons between the casino and our customers, offering a high level of service and assistance to our valued patrons. Behind the scenes, our VIP Services staff of Operators and Reservationists communicate with incoming callers, directing calls and making reservations.

Our marketing staff work extremely hard to promote Mohegan Sun facilities and amenities. They coordinate all Mohegan Sun advertising and public relations efforts, including television, print and radio commercials, as well as press conferences. The Marketing department also oversees massive direct mail efforts aimed at new customers and our Player's Club members including exciting monthly promotions and giveaways of cash and valuable prizes.

Materials Management

There's a lot to see at and around our Mohegan Sun facilities. Just about everything within sight travels through our Materials Management department. From fresh food to furniture to one-of-a-kind souvenirs and gifts, our Materials Management staff makes sure everything's bought, sold and handled perfectly. Employees in our Purchasing department handle the approval and paperwork process for anything and everything that Mohegan Sun buys. Warehouse employees receive, store and transport items large and small. The Retail department staffs and services our shops as well as Mohegan Sun's own on-site gas station.

Engineering and EVS

There are two big reasons Mohegan Sun looks as amazing as it does. One is our Engineering department; the other is our Environmental Services department. Our Engineering employees keep Mohegan Sun functioning safely and smoothly by providing routine and complex maintenance. Positions encompass general maintenance, electrical, carpentry, painting, HVAC, groundskeeping and other state-of-the-art systems on property. Our EVS employees keep Mohegan Sun spotless and shining with scrupulous attention to detail – cleaning, sweeping, vacuuming, polishing and disposing of trash. They are the reason Mohegan Sun enjoys its stellar reputation for superior customer service and a beautiful property.

Human Resources

The only thing better than working with our customers is working with our employees. In Mohegan Sun's Human Resources department, you have a wide variety of ways to do just that. Our Human Resources employees are responsible for listening to employee concerns and communicating with them, training employees, implementing employee satisfaction programs, coordinating compensation and benefits, overseeing the Employee Center and much more. If you have a lot of energy, creativity and enjoy helping other people, this could be the department for you.

Information Technology

Mohegan Sun operates state-of-the-art entertainment and gaming destinations which require a knowledgeable Information Technology staff to keep everything up, running and online. Information Technology employees have just as much to do with our customer service as our front-of-house employees. Information Technology reaches every corner and every service at Mohegan Sun, and helps to provide a fast, smooth, easy experience for our customers, whether at a swipe-card kiosk, a restaurant's ordering systems or our continually-updated website. Information Technology positions require certain levels of technical experience and many employees have enhanced their skills while at Mohegan Sun and climbed the ladder to even greater success within their area.

Hotel Operations

The sheer sophistication of our property at Mohegan Sun Massachusetts may attract people to stay here for the first time. However, it's our courteous and unwavering attention to even the smallest detail that will keep guests coming back. It takes talent and committed people along every step of the way. From the initial check-in, concierge services, bell staff and housekeeping to room-service, our staff is all part of making guests feel like the most important people in the world. No matter where your talent lies, Hotel Operations can match you with a rewarding opportunity.

Hotel Sales and Marketing

As an employee in our Hotel Sales & Marketing department, you will work to promote the world-class experience that the Mohegan Sun Massachusetts facility will provide. Day-to-day needs include direct sales via phone, email and direct guest contact, development of promotional presentation and publicity programs across a variety of media. You may also provide guided tours for potential clients, all while continuously collaborating with event and meeting planners. If you are outgoing with an innate sense of promotional savvy, this could be the professional opportunity of a lifetime.